These days, the media and market are overflowing with skincare products designed for women in the name of self-care. It’s high time we start acknowledging that self-care and skincare aren’t only for women — men are also in need of self-care, skincare, and downtime to rest and recharge.


The media has conditioned men to believe they don’t need to look after themselves. Self-care for men is often portrayed as cracking open a beer while watching a ball game. The general perception is that men don’t need to spend extra bucks on skincare if they can just use their trusted shower gel from head to toe. However, men’s skin ages too, and skincare for men is important. Here are simple steps you can incorporate into your daily routine for fresh, healthier skin: 


Skincare for men starts with cleansing your face every morning and before going to bed. This will help remove excess oils and dirt from your skin. Based on your skin type, we can help you find the perfect cleanser that will leave your skin feeling softer and more refreshed. 


Though often overlooked when considering skincare for men, a good toner can help fight clogged pores and help restore the skin’s pH levels. There are a variety of toners at Springs Body Sculpting to choose from that will fit your skin type and give you the desired results. 


It’s time to debunk the old myth that men don’t need to moisturize. Whatever your profession, moisturizing your face is a must. With regular use, your skin will become softer, it will encourage your skin to maintain its natural balance, and it will prevent the appearance of premature aging and blemishes. 

Gentlemen, never underestimate the power of self-care for men! It’s time to be proactive about taking care of your skin. The Springs Body Sculpting team is highly knowledgeable about skincare for men and can help you create a routine customized to your skin’s needs! Contact us today to learn more about creating your custom skincare routine.