Uneven Skin Tone Treatments

Treatments We Offer for Uneven Skin Tone

We can correct uneven skin tone, discoloration, melasma redness, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation with our Venus Versa IPL/photofacial treatments, custom prescriptive facials, and chemical peels, and medical-grade prescription-strength home care products to support in-office treatments.

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Chemical Peels

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What is Uneven Skin Tone?


If you experience the frustration of having patches, spots, blemishes, and lines of slightly darker or red skin, you may be suffering from the skin condition of uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone is defined as discoloration in certain parts of the complexion of a person’s body. Usually, a person who experiences uneven skin tone has spots or patches on the skin where the skin color does not match the normal skin color of that person. Uneven skin tone issues can also be stubborn on the skin, meaning that they are not as easily treated by ointments and cosmetics. While not initially harmful and mostly a cosmetic issue, uneven skin tone could signify a more serious skin condition, such as skin cancer.

Uneven Skin Tone Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Common Causes of Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is a very broad term that has multiple factors for its causation such as sun exposure, acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and hormones. Sun exposure can lead to repeated sunburning and sun damage, which leaves parts of the skin that were unprotected from the sun discolored. While acne and hyperpigmentation are responsible for the healed skin of scars and scabs that comes back discolored. Having discolorations in your skin may be frustrating to those trying everything to get their natural color back, Springs Body Sculpting can make this process easy and efficient while restoring those discolorations back to your natural skin tone!

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