Scarring Treatments

Scarring Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Treatments We Offer For Scarring

Scarring is treated by remodeling tissue and resurfacing the top. We do this with our Morpheus8 system with our platelet-rich plasma. Our goal is to remodel, resurface, smooth out and regenerate cellular tissue. We also may add in our IPL photofacial treatments if there is any discoloration in addition to the scarring. We will customize a personal treatment plan according to the level of correction needed.

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PRP (platelet-rich plasma)


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What is Scarring?

Scars, everybody gets them throughout life from injuries, surgeries, minor accidents, and everything in between. While some scars fade away over time, you may have noticed that scars you have had for years have not budged from your skin. This means that you are experiencing scarring. Scarring is when you develop a scar or scars that do not fade away naturally, making it permanent. Scars are developed due to the body’s natural response to healing damaged skin. A scar is made up of fibrous tissue that develops in place of the damaged skin. Scars come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and depths. Scars can have everlasting effects on the skin such as itching, burning, and pain.

Scarring Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Scarring

Scarring is caused by obtaining an injury to the skin that requires the damaged skin to be healed by the body. Examples of this skin injury include scraping, cutting, burning, stretching, tearing, and many more. Scarring is not harmful to the body but leaves the skin with unattractive markings that nobody wants. You may feel self-conscious about the scars you have which is why Springs Body Sculpting is here to get rid of your scars and restore confidence in your skin!

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