Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Treatments We Offer for Back Pain

Back pain is easily reduced and controlled with our non-invasive EmSculpt NEO treatments. We target back pain by treating both the abdominal and buttocks areas for best results. Patients will notice a big difference after even one treatment. After the initial series of weekly treatments, monthly or quarterly treatments may be necessary for long-term maintenance.

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What is Back Pain?


One of the most commonly experienced physical disabilities experienced by adults is back pain. This physical disability causes millions of adults to experience pain that prevents them from living and experiencing daily life such as exercise, work, spending time with family, and overall mobile independence. It seems that so many adults these days experience back pain issues. What defines back pain issues? Back pain is very vague in its definition, but symptoms include muscle aching, muscle spasms, experiencing difficulty doing physical activity, and finding only certain positions when sitting or lying down comfortably.

Back Pain Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain issues can have multiple causes, but the main reasons for experiencing back pain stem from not properly maintaining your back throughout aging in life. This means that posture, stretching, exercise, and the amount of time spent sitting or lying down directly relate to experiencing back pain issues. While this is the most common reason people experience these issues, back pain is also heavily related to being involved in a physical injury, over-exercise, genetics, and many more reasons. Springs Body Sculpting understands that you need to experience life and the burden of back pain in your life, which is why we are fully committed to helping treat your back pain issues to get your mobility and your life back!

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