Jowl Treatments

Jowl Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treatments We Offer for Jowls

Here at Springs Body Sculpting, we address jowls with a combination of FaceTite for tissue remodeling and skin tightening, which will redefine your jawline and Morpheus8 for further cellular building and regeneration.

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What are Jowls?


If you are experiencing a noticeably weaker jawline that appears saggy you may be experiencing jowls. Jowls is the term used to describe the drooping and sagging of skin over time in the chin and jawline area. Jowls tend to be more noticeable in older individuals who are thinner due to less fat encompassing the facial area making the saggy skin more visible.

Jowl Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Jowls

While developing jowls can occur from factors such as genetics, improper diet and exercise, smoking, and sun exposure, jowls are primarily caused by the process of aging. While the body ages, skin loses elasticity which causes it to sag. This unfortunate reality that jowls can develop regardless of a healthy lifestyle can be upsetting. The good news is that Springs Body Sculpting offers multiple different treatments to treat jowls and bring back self-confidence in your jawline.

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