Corrective Skin Care Regimens in Colorado Springs

Skinbetter Science

Available at physician’s offices only, Skinbetter Science products focuses heavily on research, clinical data, and developing breakthrough technologies for the highest quality products for professional patient care.

Advanced technologies such as AlphaRet for skin rejuvenation, WEL for environmental protection and DNA cellular repair, INTERFUSE for skin sagging, lines, and wrinkles, P.A.T.H. for all over skin repair and quality, b.r.y.t. for advanced color-correction and overall tone improvement, Trio for skin balancing moisture and barrier production, and N0w for neck tightening and retexturizing, are crucial components to achieving maximum benefits from our in-office treatments for both short and long-term skin health.

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Revision Skincare

We transform high-potency ingredients into breakthrough formulas that deliver transformative results for the face, neck, eyes, and whole-body optimizing skin health.

  • Harnessing the power of high-potency ingredients: “We formulate with skin-rejuvenating peptides, gold-standard ingredients like THD Ascorbate, an industry-first, patented technologies like Sunflower Sprout Extract to ensure that patients see results.”
  • Utilizing multiple pathways: “This ensures that the efficacy of ingredients is maximized throughout the skin for the most significant outcomes.”
  • Protection the Microbiome: “We utilize pre-and postbiotic technology to support the healthy microbiome, because only when this ecosystem is in balance can it promote long-term skin health.”
  • pH Safety formulation: “The majority of our formulas have a skin-neutral pH which is optimal for skin health and for maintaining the skin barrier to protect against external aggressors.”
  • Optimizing with Synergy: “Our formulas are designed to work synergistically so the individual benefits of every product are maximized within the skin when used together, simplifying usage in office or at home.”
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Epicutis Skincare

Epicutis has re-engineered skincare by creating simple, elegant formulations, made possible by utilizing highly effective, novel ingredients that work to promote healthier looking skin. The Epicutis team is comprised of chemists, biologists, and technicians who have collectively brought EPICUTIS to the industry.

Science is infused at every level of product development by creating novel ingredients and formulations of patented, efficacious outcomes.

Skincare made simple:

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FaceReality Acne Experts

Face Reality Skincare is an award-winning acne treatment program dedicated to giving you clear, healthy skin that helps you feel your absolute best.

Our unique combination of professional-grade products and guidance from a Certified Acne Expert takes the guesswork and frustration out of acne treatment, with visible results in 90 days.

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BioTe Nutraceuticals

Are you feeling tired, irritable, or just not yourself lately? It might be time to consider the transformative power of BioTe Hormone Optimization at Springs Body Sculpting!

BioTe helps increase energy levels, mood stability, improved libido, better sleep and mental focus. BioTe hormone optimization has been clinically studied and validated to not only help you feel better but to help relieve age-related health issues like decreased bone density, poor heart health, and abnormal breast and prostate health.

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Hum Nutrition

At Springs Body Sculpting, we support the journey to total health & wellness by focusing on solutions that are natural, plant-rich and nutrient-dense. We want you to look great and feel even greater from the inside out.

We’re obsessed with nutritional solutions that help you achieve your beauty and lifestyle goals.

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Hum Nutrition | Springs Body Sculpting

 Looking for other services at our med spa in Colorado Springs? We also offer body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation, and hair restoration treatments. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a treatment or consultation!