Skin Dullness Treatments

Skin Dullness Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treatments We Offer for Skin Dullness

Skin dullness is corrected through a combination of in-office treatments such as custom prescriptive facials and chemical peels, IPL/photofacial, medical-grade high-quality daily home care with our prescribed customized regimens, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, morpheus8 skin resurfacing and non-invasive radio frequency treatments. We treat both short-term and long-term skin conditions for a lifetime of healthy glowing skin.

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What is Skin Dullness?


A lot of people desire skin that stands out. This is why people who tend to have a natural skin glow have skin that stands out. You may have noticed that your skin doesn’t seem to have the same glow that other people’s skin has. This most likely would be the result of having what is known as skin dullness. Skin dullness is described as when the skin has a lack or inability to reflect light well, which gives it a dull appearance. This is because when the skin can naturally reflect light well it gives it a glowing and radiant appearance.

Skin Dullness Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Skin Dullness

Skin dullness can be a result of multiple factors. The most common of these factors deal with aging, skin dryness, sun exposure, lack of sleep, and genetics. These factors weaken the skin and when the skin is weakened it tends to not be nearly as luminous as it could be. If you suffer from dull skin, worry no longer, because Springs Body Sculpting is ready to help treat your skin dullness and give you that glowing look you have always been looking for!

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