Pelvic Floor Issue Treatments

Pelvic Floor Issues Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treatments We Offer for Pelvic Floor Issues

VTone strengthens and tones the pelvic floor by producing strong intravaginal electric muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education to the weak pelvic floor muscles for mild-moderate incontinence and improved control of urinary function. Pairing VTone with Morpheus8V and FormaV will work synergistically to restore the full functionality of the vagina.

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What are Pelvic Floor Issues?


If recently you have experienced issues in your pelvic area that have caused you a litany of issues from having trouble using the restroom or trouble having intercourse, then you may be suffering from pelvic floor issues. Pelvic floor issues are when the muscles in the pelvis are not able to correctly relax and coordinate, resulting in a variety of issues related to the pelvis. Pelvic floor issues can cause issues that range from genital discomfort to trouble with bowel movements and urinating. This can cause issues for women which can make intercourse painful and for men, this can cause erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor Issue Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Pelvic Floor Issues

Pelvic floor issues can be caused by a few factors, most of which relate to pelvic damage. These include recent injury to the pelvis, pregnancy, being overweight, pelvic overuse, and aging. All of these factors can lead to developing pelvic floor issues. Living with pelvic floor issues is more than just an inconvenience, it prevents you from participating in the life you want. Get your life back from these issues with Springs Body Sculpting, which is here to help with your pelvic floor issues.

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