Double Chin Treatments

Treatments We Offer for a Double Chin

Double chin and jawline definition are treated with our FaceTite with liposuction or non-invasive CoolSculpting for permanent fat loss. We also offer non-invasive radio frequency treatments for further skin tightening and maintenance of skin integrity on the jawline and chin.

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What is a Double Chin?


A facial condition commonly faced by those both young and old, along with both men and women is a double chin. A double chin is defined as a facial condition where there is a roll of excess fat underneath the chin area. Because the excess fat roll is under the chin, it gives the appearance of having a “double chin”. This condition also impacts the jawline by giving it a rounded appearance.

Double Chin Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of a Double Chin

Having excess fat in the facial area creates the appearance of a double chin in those who are usually overweight. Being overweight is not the only factor that creates a double chin. Other factors contribute to having a double chin such as recent weight gain, genetics, facial structure, posture issues, and aging skin. If you are looking to get rid of your double chin Springs Body Sculpting is ready with a team of professionals to help fix your double chin.

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