Bumpy Skin Treatments

Bumpy Skin Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treatments We Offer for Bumpy Skin

Chemical peels, dermaplane, and microdermabrasion along with a customized daily home care regimen with our medical-grade prescription-strength skin care will smooth and resurface bumpy and textured skin conditions.

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Chemical Peels


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What is Bumpy Skin?


Does your skin feel uneven and bumpy when you touch it? If so, you are suffering from what is known as bumpy skin. Bumpy skin is skin that has a rough and bumpy outer texture. This unpleasant texture on your skin is not harmful to your health, but it can be frustrating to deal with.

Bumpy Skin Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Common Causes of Bumpy Skin

Bumpy skin is caused by a buildup and dryness on the skin from dead skin cells. This buildup of dead skin cells can happen for many reasons, such as shaving, over-exfoliation, excessive hot showers, and even the clothing you wear. It may seem like bumpy skin is unavoidable if you have to give up all the factors that can cause it, but Springs Body Sculpting is here to make sure that won’t be the case! With our multiple treatment options, we will have your skin feeling smooth and even.

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