What is BodyTite? 


Do you have stubborn body fat that will not seem to go away? Does your skin sag in places that used to be tight? Do your arms jiggle? Do you have cellulite that makes you self-conscious? If so, BodyTite may be the solution for you! 

BodyTite is a body contouring treatment option for men and women who are close to their desired body weight but struggle with stubborn fat from aging, post-pregnancy, and/or sagging skin. BodyTite is an “All-in-One” minimally-invasive one-time procedure which yields permanent surgical results for those who are looking to dramatically lose fat and inches, and to significantly tighten up the skin at the same time. 

How Does BodyTite Work?

This virtually scarless body contouring procedure requires very little (if any) downtime. BodyTite uses RFAL technology, which is the usage of Radio Frequency (heat) which liquifies the fat in the treatment area, followed by liposuction of that now-melted fat. Skin contraction begins during the procedure but it continues to tighten and “shrink-wrap” from within over the next several months, and up to a full year. We will bring the patient back at 3 month intervals, up to 12 months, to continue to track our success (at no additional cost). Patients will see both immediate results as well as continuous long term results. 

BodyTite has the unique ability to heat the fat and subcutaneous tissue as well as the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin from the inside out, thus allowing the skin to tighten, shrink, and contract to such a significant degree where no other technology other than BodyTite has been able to achieve. Our system contains a highly-advanced computerized safety technology built inside which then enables safe, rapid and dramatically visible contouring results. 

BodyTite vs Traditional Liposuction: 

  • Traditional liposuction does not tighten the skin and can therefore leave excess loose skin where the fat has been removed. 
  • BodyTite not only liquifies fat prior to suction for a smoother and more even application of treatment, the emitted internal and external RF energy effectively stimulates fibroblasts which in turn produce collagen, and thus causes the skin to tighten and firm. 

BodyTite can be done on many areas of the body including arms, inner thighs, stomach, back and love handles. It can even help with breast lifting for smaller cup sizes (A, B and smaller C-cup) without the surgery. The best part about BodyTite is that you can have the procedure done and be at work the next day! 

BodyTite at Springs Body Sculpting

Springs Body Sculpting’s Dr. Dunham is a highly-skilled board certified surgeon who takes great pride in his work. He will deliver results on all body parts and for patients of all shapes and sizes. If you think BodyTite would be the perfect body contouring procedure for you, call to schedule your free consultation!