Skin Damage Treatments

Skin Damage Treatments in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treatments We Offer for Skin Damage

All of our skin services will correct skin damage as well as retain results achieved through our comprehensive correction packages which may include Morpheus8, platelet-rich plasma, IPL/photofacial, chemical peels, bi-polar non-invasive radio frequency treatments, at-home skin care, injectables such as dermal fillers and botox.

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Chemical Peels

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Botox & Neurotoxins

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What is Skin Damage?


Whether you are experiencing rashes, scars, burns, spots, and many more abnormalities on your skin, skin damage is present in your body. Skin damage is described as when the skin suffers a change due to a factor that negatively impacts the skin. Since skin damage is such a broad term, this can mean all types of different skin damage, such as spots, bumps, bruises, and burns. Skin damage can vary from being simply a cosmetic issue to being harmful to your health as untreated damaged skin can increase your chance of developing skin cancer and having permanent skin issues.

Skin Damage Treatment in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Common Causes of Skin Damage

Skin damage can be related to all kinds of factors that can create damage to the skin. Burns of all kinds such as sunburns or third-degree burns can create skin damage. Along with small cuts on the skin to injuries that required hospitalization, skin damage causation varies. Skin damage issues become much more serious over time due to the sensitivity and weakening of aging skin. This is why if you are older in age it is important to treat your skin damage immediately. For those younger in age, it is also important to treat your skin damage immediately in order to make sure that your current skin issues don’t become more of a problem over time. Springs Body Sculpting treats all different kinds of skin damage and we are ready to help treat your skin damage too.

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