Monthly Memberships

6 Months Minimum Commitment Required

ONLY $109

Rejuvenate and Renew

One customized prescription facial with microdermabrasion or hybrid chemical peel (unlimited layering) with our unique medical-grade prescriptive skin line

Complimentary brow or lip wax if needed

10% off all retail items

Unlimited Rollovers (instead of “freezing” your account you may allow it to “rollover” into the consecutive months and then use that money towards a larger purchase if desired).

Quarterly “Gift for Friend” Facial or Hybrid Chemical Peel

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ONLY $299

Maintain Your Glow

All “Rejuvenate & Renew” Membership perks, including 10% discount on all retail

One SINGLE maintenance treatment of the following: EmSculpt muscle-toning, Venus Legacy
tightening/contouring/cellulite reduction, or IPL Photofacial color-correcting treatment; after you have
completed your initial course of treatments per your original treatment area(s).

*This level of membership combines the best of both worlds by combining your “Renew & Rejuvenate” facial membership with a maintenance body contouring, skin tightening, or color-correcting treatment of your choice! If you have purchased various areas in the past, where maintenance treatments are suggested on a quarterly basis, you may alternate which treatments you want to utilize each month to get the most out of this membership option. This membership is ideal when you have already achieved your goals with our treatments and you are looking to maintain your glorious results!

Call Now: (719) 259-0024

All Monthly Memberships Include:

  • 10% off ALL Retail products
  • One free Spa facial treatment to give away to a friend or family member every 3 months
  • Go “up” or “down” in membership level at any desired time, no limitations
  • Unused services may be used as “rollover” money towards larger packages or combinations as well as towards retail product